FEDACOVA is the Federation of Food Industries of the Region of Valencia (SPAIN), bringing together 30 different Food Industries Associations, including the Spanish national associations of Ice creams and Tigernut Juice, Honey, Persimmon and Nuts, which in turn represent more than 2.000 companies.

This means that more than 70% of all businesses in the food and agriculture sector of the Region of Valencia are part of the Federation.

FEDACOVA provides a wide range of services to Food Industries including training; consultancy for the implementation of quality, environmental, health & safety and innovation management systems; promoting of internationalization; attendance at international trade shows and congresses; organization of sectoral events or productions of specific guides and manuals.

Power Net Consulting (ROMANIA) is a training provider in the creative industries field and in the area of managing and implementing European funded projects. Headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, Power Net Consulting capitalizes almost 20 years’ experience on the Romanian creative industries market, which helps it define a custom-tailored product portfolio that meets a broad spectre of needs, including consultancy, planning, implementation and solutions.

Instalofi Levante S.L.- FyG Consultores (SPAIN) is a private, for-profit consultancy specialized in the field of internationalization and training of companies.

FyG was created by experienced professionals from business creation and innovation, internationalization, communication and marketing fields with an extensive background as trainers and mentors. It is specialized in business development and innovative solutions related with strategy and internationalization of the SME’s and Start- Ups. Founded in 2001, it is present on international markets helping companies define strategies that allow them to grow in foreign markets and international business.

Institute for Sustainable Technologies-National Research Institute- ITeE-PIB (POLAND) is a state-owned research and development institution conducting basic and applied research as well as implementation in the field of advanced technologies related to machines manufacturing and maintenance, materials engineering, environmental protection and lifelong learning studies.

The Institute’s scope of activity comprises the modelling of processes and structures of knowledge transformation and technology transfer into economy, as well as scientific research in the area of computer science and vocational education.

Tuerkiye Suet Et Gida Sanayicileri Ve Uereticileri Birligi Dernegi – SETBIR (TURKEY) is a non-profit organization centred in Ankara, established in 1976, which aims to develop dairy, meat, food industry and to support food processing industry to reach European Union standards.

SETBIR also aims to raise the livestock sector and livestock industry to reach the level of global agricultural and livestock sector. By connecting the sector with government SETBIR works as a bridge for exchange of information.

The most important work topics of SETBIR are raw material, food safety and informal production.

Vocational Training Center – VCVTC (ESTONIA) is one of the biggest multifunctional vocation schools in Estonia managed by the Ministry of Education and Research. Centre is located in southeastern Estonia, Väimela, Võru County.

VCVTC offers vocational education in these fields:


Energetics and automation
Information and communications technology
Mechatronics and metal processing
Wood processing

Business services
Tourism, catering and housing services
The project is implemented by the Center of Competence for Wood Processing and Furniture Manufacturing (TSENTER) which is a structural unit VCVTC. The purpose of TSENTER is to support international growth of sector’s companies through bringing new knowledge to the sector and providing services in three areas: finishing technologies, product development and production management.