SUI-FOOD press release 1

European Project, SUI-FOOD

(Start-Up Internationalisation in the agriFOOD industry) has started.

The SUI-FOOD PROJECT (Start-Up Internationalisation in the agriFOOD industry) started on 1st of October, 2018. The SUI-FOOD PROJECT, supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme, aims to provide a new standard and practical training among new entrepreneurs in a training course for international organizations in the field of guidance and service provision for a practical analysis of this objective. 

The 2–year project is supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme and has 6 partners from 5 EU Countries (Spain, Turkey, Estonia, Poland and Romania). Federacion Empresarial De Agroalimentacion De La Comunidad Valenciana (FEDACOVA) is the coordinator of the SUI-FOOD Project. The partners are; SETBİR (Turkey), FYG CONSULTORES (Spain), VCVTC: Vorumaa Kutsehariduskeskus (Estonia), ITeE – PIB: INSTYTUT TECHNOLOGII EKSPLOATACJI – PIB (Poland) and POWER NET: PNC (Romania).

The project office seeks to respond to the need for education and training in the field of international cooperation of new entrepreneurs and SMEs in agriculture-based food. The partners will use open and educational training methods embedded in the digital space.

SUI-FOOD project addresses those challenges through the development of a training: of which purposes are:

  • To draft and validate a comprehensive qualification standard defining the professional profile of an internationalization manager in an agrifood start-up or SME including a description of required knowledge, skills and competences needed for this profile and a modular structured training pathway.
  • To develop an e-learning platform to train the agrifood start-up and SMEs with the needed knowledge, skills and competence for them to become efficient internationalization manager, thus enabling them to develop further their businesses. 

SUI-FOOD partners will use open and innovative education methods, embedded in the digital era.

Europe’s food and drink industry is the largest manufacturing sector in terms of turnover, value added and employment. Its contribution to Europe’s economy is crucial: 4.25 million employees throughout the EU, over €1 trillion turnover and a positive trade balance of €25 billion. The food and drink industry also accounts for more than 285,000 SMEs (99.1% of agri-food sector companies) that generate almost 50% of the food and drink industry turnover and value added and provide 2/3 of the employment of the sector.

Considering the sector structure and gaps, SUI-FOOD will particularly address SMEs. The targeted profile will be start-ups and SMEs entrepreneurs seeking for the commercialization of food products. They belong to growing SMEs or SMEs that have been traditionally focused on regional or national markets and need to expand their horizon to an international level as a way out the current crisis/market saturation. They have a low investment capacity and need effective assessment to get closer to foreign markets, in the internal market and outside Europe. They need better knowledge and training regarding the markets demands, importers, their competitors, exportation regulations, etc. As second target, SUI-FOOD will address unemployed seeking for new job opportunities and VET students in the agrifood sector.

To sum up, and compared to previous STUP-COM and SUI projects, SUI-FOOD will provide the following new features:

  • Public/private partnership including 2 sector representatives, 2 public VET representative and 2 training field experts.
  • A specific sectorial internationalization course for AGRI-FOOD, thus, contents that are adapted to this specific sector
  • Creation of a qualification standard which is compatible with ECVET standards
  • Inclusion of targets with special needs, unemployed and youth
  • Connection with formal VET training pathway
  • Use of EUROPASS certificate for long term recognition and ease the transferability
  • Social modules and participative elements

The website – which illustrates the SUI-FOOD project aims and objectives, the managing consortium, the planned activities and events, and the news about the project – is online.


Assessment of relevance and competence level of the Internationalisation Manager (IM) of the food and agriculture sector.

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