SUI-FOOD press release 3

European Project, SUI-FOOD

(Start-Up Internationalisation in the agriFOOD industry) 

Second and Third Consortium Meeting of The SUI-FOOD Projectwas held in Poland and Estonia

The SUI-FOOD PROJECT (Start-Up Internationalisation in the agriFOOD industry) started on 1st of October, 2018. The SUI-FOOD PROJECT, supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme, aims to provide a new standard and practical training among new entrepreneurs in a training course for international organizations in the field of guidance and service provision for a practical analysis of this objective. 

The 2–year project is supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme and has 6 partners from 5 EU Countries (Spain, Turkey, Estonia, Poland and Romania). Federacion Empresarial De Agroalimentacion De La Comunidad Valenciana (FEDACOVA) is the coordinator of the SUI-FOOD Project. The partners are; SETBİR (Turkey), FYG CONSULTORES (Spain), VCVTC: Vorumaa Kutsehariduskeskus (Estonia), ITeE – PIB: INSTYTUT TECHNOLOGII EKSPLOATACJI – PIB (Poland) and POWER NET: PNC (Romania).

The second consortium meeting of the SUI-FOOD PROJECT was held on 4-5 April 2019 in Radom, Poland. The partners discussed how to coordinate development of SUI-FOOD training program, modules and learning journey. The partners agreed that the course should provide a Minimal Viable Solution – and that the application of this could be based on a variety of interaction types – online and offline. And also, they decided keep flexibility the organization of the learning journey because of difference of public, difference of culture etc.

Partners of the SUI-FOOD Project will use open and innovative training methods embedded in the digital age. For this purpose, O1 (Qualification Standard and Training Modules), one of the project objectives, has been created. At the same time, O2 (development of the SUI-FOOD training platform), a training package for the second project objective will be completed.

All these studies were evaluated by the project partners at the third meeting (17-18 July 2019 in Estonia) and their final form was given. In this way, all partners have fulfilled their duties.

The partners also discussed E activities that will be held in each partner country. They decided that E activities must be held after learning activity because the purpose of E activities is to disseminate the project and learning materials. 

The goals of this multiplier event will be to inform SMEs, youth and unemployed about the opportunities offered by the agrifood industry for career development, to stimulate public agencies and agri-food businesses associations to mainstreaming business skills as a key topic for firm competitiveness at public policy and company policy level and to engage agri-food businesses associations and vocational training centres to deliver this e-learning course for enhancing their companies’ competitiveness.

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